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Why You Should Consider a Heat Pump for Your Home

Air source heat pumps provide both heating and cooling from a single unit. Today’s advanced models are quieter, more dependable, and offer extraordinary efficiency when compared to older units manufactured just a decade ago. In mild winter climates like ours in San Antonio, Texas, a heat pump can be an attractive option for those looking for complete cooling and heating functionality from one system.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps work in essentially the same way as an air conditioner except they incorporate reversing valve technology. As a result of this versatility, heat pumps provide a number of unique benefits.

Better Comfort

Indoor furnaces consume oxygen as part of the heating process. This can dry out the air and create an uncomfortable stuffy feeling. Heat pumps offer consistent comfort all year round that can be tailored to your personal preferences.

Exceptional Efficiency

Modern heat pumps provide excellent efficiency with models rated up to 18 SEER. Installing a new 18 SEER heat pump can save up to 44 percent when compared with an older 10 SEER model.

Environmentally Friendly

Instead of burning fossil fuel like a furnace, heat pumps move heat energy from one area to another. The process of heating and cooling your home is clean and efficient without producing any waste products such as smoke, ash or gasses.

Lower Maintenance Costs

All HVAC equipment requires regular maintenance, but furnaces might need even more attention because of their basic design and the fact that they contribute to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Burners and the combustion chamber often become clogged with soot and grit, and the unit must be serviced separately. Heat pumps provide both cooling and heating from a single unit that doesn’t produce waste products, so the maintenance requirements are far less.

Call the HVAC Experts

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