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The Dangers High Indoor Humidity Presents

Asthma is a health issue that has seen an increase in the number of occurrences and affected persons in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than seven percent of adults have this condition. An evaluation of your indoor environment might follow a serious health diagnosis such as asthma, and while many focus on factors such as chemicals and cleaners, high humidity inside your home warrants attention as well. In addition to creating health problems, excessive moisture in your home (high humidity levels) could pose risks related to your structure and your comfort during hot weather.

High Humidity and Mold

The Environmental Protection Agency indicates that mold is typically not a serious concern unless it is found indoors. Excessive moisture indoors is one of the primary causes of mold problems, which can trigger illnesses, allergies, and asthmatic reactions. To manage the mold, you must manage moisture. Ideally, you should keep the relative humidity in your residence below 50 percent.

Structural Implications of Humid Conditions

Another of the effects of humidity problems in a residence can be the structural impact. If you notice sweating walls or warped wood, your moisture levels are probably too high. You could be faced with unexpected repair costs as you look for solutions for damaged materials. While the effects of excess moisture might be frustrating in most cases, a severe situation could affect the structural integrity of the affected area of your home.

Humidity Levels and Comfort

Poor humidity management makes it difficult to cool off during the summer. If you have very young or elderly residents in your home, this is an important issue for health reasons as well as comfort concerns. Excessive moisture causes an individual to have trouble with the evaporative process that keeps them cool, which could be quite serious in the event of high heat levels during the summer.

Your air conditioner is one of the most important resources for controlling humidity during these hot conditions. If you are having difficulties with the moisture levels in your home, AC State Air can help you by providing effective HVAC solutions. Call our office at 210-653-5900 to discuss your concerns today.