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Skipping AC Maintenance? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

If you don’t take care of your air conditioner, it won’t take care of you. AC maintenance is as important as automobile maintenance. If you live in San Antonio, you know that getting through a hot Texas day without air conditioning is just about impossible.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Reduces AC Repairs

Talk to any HVAC contractor, and you’ll learn that most AC repair calls are due to poor maintenance. San Antonio air conditioners work nonstop to keep you cool. Making your AC work that hard without maintenance is like continuously driving your car without an oil change or a tuneup. Eventually, lack of care and upkeep will take a toll.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty In Effect

Preventive maintenance is part of keeping your air conditioner warranty valid. If something goes wrong with your cooling system, and it’s still under warranty, you will have to show that you’ve kept up with annual maintenance. If your system hasn’t been properly maintained, your warranty may be voided.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Makes Your System Last Longer

Air conditioning systems are not cheap. They represent a significant investment for a residential or commercial property. One of the biggest benefits of annual air conditioner maintenance is that it will extend the lifespan of your system and prevent it from suffering a premature death.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps Energy Costs Low

Annual maintenance helps your air conditioner perform efficiently. The more efficiently it performs, the lower your home energy costs will be.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Improves Indoor Air Quality

Over time, air conditioners get dirty inside. The dirtier an air conditioner gets, the more air pollution it will blow into your home. Air conditioner maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning the system inside and out. The cleaner your air conditioner is, the cleaner your indoor air will be.

For more information about how annual air conditioner tuneups can keep your San Antonio cooling system operating at peak capacity, contact your AC State Air specialist today at 210-653-5900. We have the solutions and systems you need to improve air conditioning efficiency.