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How to Beat the Heat in Your Mobile Home this Summer

A San Antonio summer can be tough to weather because of the heat and humidity, especially if you are limited in your air conditioning options. Comfort in a mobile home that lacks central AC can often be managed with room units that are installed in windows. However, the United States Department of Energy indicates that these units tend to have lower air conditioning efficiency than central air conditioning. Installation problems can also cause air leaks with window units, which can increase energy bills while compromising efficiency levels. Following are some excellent options so you can effectively beat the Texas heat in your mobile home.

Central AC Options

You can transition to central heating and cooling with a couple of equipment choices. A central split system involves an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit. A fan is used to move treated air from the handler to the various rooms in the home by way of ducts. A packaged system operates in a similar manner in terms of air movement, but both the air handler and condenser are contained in the same unit. The installation of a packaged system is typically outside of the home at the ground level or on the roof. Structural issues in your structure may best determine which of these options is best for your needs. If you lack space for an indoor air handler, the packaged approach may be better.

Ductless Mini Systems

If your mobile or manufactured home lacks ductwork, a ductless mini-split system offers excellent heating and air conditioning efficiency as well. This is different from space heating and window air conditioning because each room unit connects to an outside condenser unit, which promotes safer and more efficient comfort management. You are also able to manage these units centrally or program them independently.

Professional HVAC Support

AC State Air offers San Antonio residents custom solutions for their heating and air conditioning needs based on careful evaluation of the structure and discussion of comfort and energy goals. Learn more about our mobile home AC solutions, or call our office at 210-653-5900 to schedule an estimate.