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How a Ductless System Can Improve Cooling Efficiency

When you live in San Antonio, Texas, your air conditioning system plays a huge role in how comfortable you feel at home. The region’s hot and humid weather means that your AC accounts for a big portion of your household utility bills too. Energy savings matter when it comes to cooling, which is why more and more people in the Lone Star State are opting for ductless alternatives over traditional central air systems.

Energy-Efficient Design

In contrast to conventional AC systems that rely on ductwork for air distribution, ductless cooling systems deliver conditioned air directly into your home’s living spaces through individual air handlers. Their duct-free design eliminates the energy losses associated with ducted systems, and they boast other features that contribute to better efficiency too:

  • Point-of-Use Comfort. Independent air handlers allow you to alter temperatures in each room, so you never waste energy cooling unoccupied spaces.
  • Variable-Speed Motors. Refrigerant flow adapts automatically to match cooling capacity with demand, optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Adjustable Air Flow. Features like user-selected fan speeds and movable louvers let you direct just the right amount of airflow wherever you need it.

Calculating Your Energy Savings

While duct-free HVAC systems typically have a higher upfront cost than other options, they more than pay for themselves through significantly lower energy bills. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that Energy Star qualified models can cut your heating and cooling expenses by 30 percent. Installation time is reduced too, which will also help to lower initial costs to you.

Finding the Ideal System

At AC State Air, we offer a wide array of HVAC systems engineered for energy savings. We’re also one of the few companies in the Greater San Antonio area to stock and help you take care of your ductless system. Our ductless services range from repairs and replacements to new installations. To find out which system meets your cooling needs to perfection, explore our AC solutions or call us today at 210-653-5900 today.